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How To Design Beautiful Saree At Home?

by LaceBussiness

Posted on May 07, 2017 at 08:31 am

Every woman in India loves her sarees, especially the beautiful designer ones which are adorned with borders or ‘gottapattis’, mirror work, beads, but they seem very extravagant and out of reach for the average woman. It is not mandatory that one has to spend a big fortune to have a designer saree, there are so many ways that one can design their very own designer saree at home. Few ways are mentioned here with what you can design your own designer saree at home and get noticed among the crowd at any festival or occasion. 1) Adding a Beautiful Border Now a days there are so many ways to design a saree at home, and one of the simplest way that you can do it yourself is by adding saree borders. All You need is a plain saree and need to purchase saree borders that are plenty available in the shops. There are various shops where in you’ll find the best laces & one such lace manufacturer & seller in surat is Pritam Fancy Lace. You’ll find all types of laces at one stop for your saree designing at your own. You can choose a contrast colour laces/Borders to the saree color and stitch it onto the saree border and also the blouse sleeves. The laces available are mirror lace, diamond lace, needle lace, jacquard lace, jari lace,piping lace or anything else as well. A variety of lace and designer borders are available in local stores like Pritam Fancy Lace in Surat, and online as well. 2)Add Adornment to your Saree Saree Designing can be so simple and easy by adding beautiful adornments to it. Brightening up a simple and plain saree by adding zardosi work, mirror or kundan work to it has never been so easy.You can change their look instantly by adding patches to their saree or by gluing sequins or mirror work lace on the pallor along the border of the saree and revamp it completely. Adding patchwork or adornments is not difficult and it surely can be done by you sitting at home.